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This book is for people who  are fed up are looking to lose weight. You are here because you clicked a link or ad or maybe got an email from me looking to spread the word. However you got here thank you for visiting and hope you find this site valuable.

You are here and that’s what counts, how long you stay here is down to you and my aim is to provide you with information that I know will get you thin and fit.





I study NLP and I adapted the teachings to weight loss in this case ’repetition’ with brilliant results.

NLP is all about ‘Duplicate Success Pattern’ or find someone like you who has done what you want, then copy it. In this instance you want to lose weight I can show you how to do it without dieting or joining a gym!

Take it from someone who was fat and now is thin by doing something very simple. Not like most who go to someone fit who never has been fat teaching you to get to thin!

For me at the time I was fat it was bad, I mean really bad. Being overweight did me no favors whatsoever. Lacked energy, got tired in the middle of the day, slept over 10 hours a night, had bad circulation, IBS which landed me in hospital over 3 times and a load of other health issues.



End of the day I hit rock bottom and needed to do something – if your about there this is for you, this will work for you.

It has taken me a while to get the eBook(Secret of Losing Weight -TheVital3) finished because I’m not a writer, but wanted to keep it simple and truthful to the reader and above all helpful and useful.

To get a copy of TheVital3 complete the download box on the right of  this page and it will automatically email you a copy. Most first emails may go your junk box so be aware of this. If you also want a secret mentor for a while till you get up to speed I’m your man.

thinme.1Just before you wonder off I would like you to know this is logical science and repetition, that’s all, nothing more nothing less. It works in such an effective way its even astounded me with the results I’m seeing.


When you have read the formula and you know the secret, trust me when I say this – SECRET DECLARATION is key, meaning don’t tell anyone because you end up putting more pressure on yourself and then end up doing it for others instead of yourself. Quietly get on with it and demand it from yourself instead of someone demanding from you

Then wait till someone asks then tell em!