watre.pic.The first key is water

Our body is 70% water and the rest is in solids. Most of us don’t drink nowhere enough water our body needs. We need to pattern our intake to drink 70% water (liquid) and eat 30% solid for the body to run right.

Drink 70% water and I guarantee that you’ll lose weight immediately?

How much of our body mass and weight is in the form of water? 

The answer: its around 70% to 75% according to the medical professionals, which accredited reference you care to believe is totally your choice?


Every GP, Doctor, Consultant will tell you to drink at least 6 or 7 cups of water per day, how many people do you know who do that?  Two, three, four? I’ll bet its not many from ALL THE PEOPLE YOU KNOW


Your Mind Has It All, But You Can’t Live Without Water

Some the best waters are obviously from natural springs and because it’s never been tampered with so it’s perfect. Micro clustered (smaller molecule structure) which easily penetrates at cellular level, alkaline in nature (better pH) and some have anti oxidant properties. Famous springs all over the world have been measured for beneficial properties, all can be confirmed.


70% of the world is water, so are you

Drink the correct water, its important that every cell gets a drink

If you dont have a spring nearby and who does these days! ! One of the things you can do is invest in an ionizer. A brilliant invention that makes normal tap water in high quality alkaline micro clustered water.

One of the best waters on the market is Kangen Water (Ionized water) It’s Micro- clustered Alkaline water which means it has smaller structure to penetrate every cell in your body.

Some Ionizers have the capability to produce water with Anti-oxidant properties also which helps slow the ageing process from oxidation. Click here to see Kangen Water

All who have invested in a machine have easily got monies worth and all have great things to say so if you would like to buy one please quote my Kangen ID 4032281.



SD 501 – Kangen Water Ionizer

Won many prestigious awards and voted worlds best Ionizer in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. Other medical awards presented by many recognized medical foundations around the world.

Kangen Water machine, every household should have one

sd501Enagic through www.thevital3.info especially since the junior version ‘R’ model which is half the price of the flagship model SD501 is more affordable for new starters.

Best investment you can make for your health as we all should know WATER is top of the nutrition tree and always will be!

Here is a short video on the SD 501 in action, listen to my Arab friend who bought two after this test,  no rehearsal just wanted to show my friend it was the right thing to invest in for him and his family.


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