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Tap into the power of you, see yourself getting thinner

You already have the power if you decide you want to get fitter and thinner.Everything starts in your mind so I’m glad you made it here.

Hi, my name is Shabir and welcome to my blog. The next 30 days could be the change that you have been looking for, lose weight get fit and show yourself what your made from!

TheVital3 is going to make you the shape you want to be will and I am genuinely excited for you to see this because I know it works every time.


I’m here Online to share something that will help reduce your weight and change your shape for ever!  

BIG STATEMENT I KNOW BUT is 100% true if you follow a few simple set of instructions. This is the easiest way you will ever see to lose weight I know it works because it has for so many, now its your turn.

I can confidently say in ’30 days’ you can lose weight, get fitter and change your body shape. On the right hand side of this page → is the FREE sign up auto-responder box. Your name, email and I will send you a private link to your mailbox in the next 24 hrs.

This is FREE TO YOU on top of that you will receive important ‘keeping you on track’ emails with other new content to keep you educated on losing weight. Please also check your junk mail as often they can end up there!

I’m absolutely committed to make sure that this helps and that you get measurable results using TheVital3.  All that is required that you follow a simple pattern and make a commitment to yourself (and not tell anyone your doing it)

If you can do that, the things that you think are miles away won’t be…

…Meaning a thinner fitter you!




A 30 day challenge in secret is better, I know this because who have done it using TheVital3 have succeeded once they got past day 30, more so when they didn’t tell anyone and did the pattern in secret – why do you thinks it s called Secret of losing weight!


Even getting past day 7 has a 62% success rate…

…So how badly do you want it? 


No need to change anything major or give up anything  you like, but simply just one pattern that you can add to your daily life easily.

I’m going to share with you a systematic daily pattern that takes minutes to do, repetition is the key here, the mother of most successes.

Change happens one step at a time, the purpose of this 30 day program is to give you a short plan of action instead of long drawn out diets! TheVital3 formula will help lose weight and making it effortless for you to get back into shape and get to the weight you want to be.


I dont know what you have tried before, crash diets, gym, walking, eating less, juices, pills!

Most people have tried the following diets:

  • The Atkins Diet
  • Weight Watcher Groups
  • Low Protein Diets
  • High Protein Diets
  • Low carbohydrates diet
  • Vegetable diet
  • Diet pills
  • Joining the gym
  • Starving yourself!

After today it doesn’t really matter…

I want you to know that I have respect for you because whatever you have tried your still trying because your reading this! so let this really be your last stop because I know I can help.

flatcoverYou might wonder what makes me such a expert?

Some people do things because of inspiration or out of desperation, for me it was desperation, I was big, obese and lacked energy and had IBS. I didn’t like the ‘fat jokes’ to much either but I laughed them off back then, it’s sad really but true. So that’s one of the main reasons I started this blog because I know it happens, don’t take it but instead take action for yourself.

I had to make a shift and its probably what you need right now, so stay with me and we’ll do it together.

I wasn’t brilliant at sticking to much most of my friends will vouch for this! no but seriously this was something that I was determined to do and stick to had to, had to for health reasons too.

I committed ‘to myself’ and this small easy patten that the fitness instructor gave me and what happened in a few short weeks blew me away and it will for you too.


Start fresh and think how your life would change if you had more energy, if you was able to sleep better and for less time, if you would not get tied in the middle of the day.


Remember this: Keep it a secret for 30 days because secret declaration helps, no pressure in trying to look good to others or prove something to the next person who can’t wait to see you fail.

The power comes from YOU, simple small changes giving you results beyond what you feel could be possible.

The next 30 days can change your shape and life.

Put your name and email in the box on this page (below) and you will receive an email every few days from me helping you to keep on track, lets go.. Silent goals are deadly……30 days for a lifetime, think about that

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