Cardio Pattern

press.up.strongCardio Pattern, One of The Best Ways To Kick Start Your Metabolism

The following Patten is a technique I used to lose half a stone a month and if you follow this simple method you can do it too.

It is so easy that even if you do this one key of TheVital3  you will lose weight very quickly.

You can absolutely change your body shape within a few short weeks and start getting fitter by the week, that may sound unrealistic but it I can tell you like so many others it’d very much possible.

You can choose any movement that will get your heart rate going but here I choose press ups or push ups because they are largely underestimated exercise. Without giving yourself too much to do, start with just 3 minutes in a day, am & pm that is do as many press ups as you can in 3 minutes.

Stop as many times as you want but count has you do them then try increase by one a day!


If you only do this one patten everyday and try to increase it by 1% every time you do it the results you will get will very much surprise you. You will start to look like you visit the gym 4 or 5 times a week but you wont be going!

press.up.2When most of new starters begin the patten their belly hit’s the ground! In weeks that stops happening because in the plank position you strengthen and flatten your tummy.

It may sound easy doing 3 minutes twice a day but you just try, it takes dedication and a little self motivation but that’s OK because no-one will know besides me and you so don’t cheat yourself or tell anyone.

You get past week 3 with this patten and the chances of sticking with it increase because this is mostly the cut off point that shows success.

A Pattern That Works Amazingly well, extracts form Vital 3 formula:

After week one not much difference, the point here is if you give yourself a small bit of work you won’t procrastinate (put off the pain) in this case it’s no pain, the saying should be ‘’ no pleasure no gain!’’

Week two a bit stiffness of the upper body, tummy going in, arms getting stronger feeling much fitter.

Week three and its already made a massive difference, seeing changes.

On week four I wanted to step it up but I knew it was all about small consistent steps something I learned from Anthony Robbins kept me on track, good stuff to help you get where you going.

press.up.Correct way of doing a push ups to boost cardio.

Don’t cheat yourself, breath right and take your time, the movement is just like the picture on the right.

Listen to a 3 minutes piece of favorite music to keep up the beat! my was lip up fatty by Bad Manners – great song to bounce to and convenient lol

Using music helps because it makes you feel even better when your doing the patten. Why this method works and because of conditioning and repetition.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect

Results, this depends on your weight now, but decide how much weight you would like to lose. If you follow the formula then I feel half a stone a month is easily achievable.

Let me give you something to think about, if you did 10 in every minute so that 30 in 3 minutes, your doing it twice a day (60) so in a week its 60 x 7 days = 420! 

So how many have you done that one month? 420 x 4 = a whopping 1680!!

I guarantee if YOU  do 1680 push ups in one month your body would have changed dramatically. Just think when you get to do more and more because that will happen you will have the momentum and nothing will stop you!

If you feel that you can’t do it alone drop us an email or join our Vital 3 forum. This one easy patten change really help and get you fitter and thinner week by week without doing anything else.

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