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hire.meI will help those who commit to themselves, rest is easy from there and today will change your shape!

Extra help along the way if you feel you can’t self motivate, this way if you need the hand its here. If you want a secret mentor then this is perfect for you.Every sign up will receive a welcome call from me, a first contact to get things started.

If you want to speak to me first please send an email to me through the ‘contact us’ page.

Option 1 is Email Coaching:

That is you will receive and email from me everyday which you can reply to anytime with any questions about anything weight loss.

Option 2 is Phone Coaching:

Which includes email coaching, that is to say you will get a call a day from me personally. This to give you the best start and keeping you focused on the patten.

Option 3 is Personal Coaching:

Which includes email coaching and phone coaching. Once a month I will see you and keep you on target for your target, all who have had personal coaching have a 100% success rate. UK only.

Speak to me first 07538654201

If you do want come on board please in the PayPal comments let me have contact number so I can personally welcome you as a client. Here to help, speak soon. any other questions please email me on the ‘contact us’ page.


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  1. Just set this up because my time is stretching me, still want to give more value than what the cost is, it’s working well having a secret weight loss nlp mentor

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