schoolsIn the ‘Secret of Losing Weight’ you will learn about a key ingredient that our body needs to avoid Nutrient Deficiency.


Lancaster University.

Nobel Prize winner Dr Professor Peskin says:

‘Nutrient deficiency is the biggest killer of people today, even more deadly than alcohol and drugs, obesity is another killer we need to do something about”


secret.6I really had to lose weight quickly for health reasons and the thevital3 method saved my life. It’s very valuable and I recommend it to anyone who has tried it all. READ THIS EBOOK before making another move!

Jason Silver (Leeds)


secret.7I have been on the vital 3 for about 5 weeks now, I can say is that it makes a big difference. You are right; it’s all about small consistent steps

Thank you The Vital 3


secret.4I have been on the thevital3 for about 2 months now, just a quick note for your testimonials to say, FANTASTIC! I’ve lost about 2 stone and my friend’s think I’m practicing some kind of magic!

Nicola Jones (Rochdale)


I want you to know how much I appreciate your Vital 3 emails” It is easy to make healthier lifestyle changes, your book has changed my life forever! Thank you!

Just take action, Carl


hire.meI gave Shabir a call and he kindly drove up to see me since I wasn’t that far away – What he taught me in simple terms made total sense:) I’m on week 4 now of TheVital3 and I must say the results are surprising me!


Lost a few pounds and I am leaner and fitter and its getting better

Dont delay – Roger Frazier

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