The Vital 3

mindTap into the power of you

You already have the power if you decide you want to get fitter and thinner, everything starts in your head or your mind as it were. If you’re looking for a simple formula that can make a big difference then this is it.

Out with the old and in with the new, in the past you may have tried to lose weight by using other methods and various ways that didn’t really work, signing up to weekly meetings, expensive websites, joining groups who tell you what you know anyway, popping pills – been there done it. Let me save you the time and pain and in most cases money too!

Sensible, logical advice to lose weight is to eat better, drink plenty of good water and exercise. The Vital 3 is just that but in this case you can eat more and still use weight.

If you eat good food and eat in regular intervals this can help you lose weight because every time you eat you kick start your metabloic rate. A close friend Jay is a fit dude and every 3 hours he eats, follow the ones who know and take advice from them.

Most people have tried the following diets:

  • The Atkins Diet
  • Weight Watcher Groups
  • Low Protein Diets
  • High Protein Diets
  • Low carbohydrates diet
  • Vegetable diet
  • Diet pills
  • Joining the gym
  • Starving yourself!


I have given advice and helped many people through NLP strategies and techniques to get fit and lose weight – mostly I say just follow the vital 3 patten and you can’t lose

Everything starts in the mind, when you start giving your body the right fuel and drinking the correct water with a bit of exercise you’ll start to think more clearer, this does happen to many and it will happen to you when you start getting rocking with repetition! 


Start fresh and think how your life would change if you had more energy, was able to sleep better and for less time, not get tied in the middle of the day, eat what you want, wear what you want – all this can be yours, all you have to do is decide.

The ‘only one thing’ we have really have control on is our thoughts, what we put in will come out eventually. If opportunity never knocks for you, I’ve just presented you with the door and its time to walk through it!

Remember keep it a secret for the first several weeks, secret declaration helps, no pressure in trying to look good and prove something to the next person who cant wait to see you fail, stick with me and its not going to happen (fail I mean)  just fun with small growth of 1% per week and you will never feel the same again, but look back and smile :)


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