foodWhy Are We Getting More Obese Over Time?

We are what we eat

With all the advertisements and fast food burger places springing up all over the world that encourage us to eat more and drink more fizzy drinks, plus they make it easy to GO LARGE for a few pence more!

We stretch our stomachs, making sure we come back and eat more food that is not really good nutritious for us, lining the big corporate company’s pockets while we eat processed foods.

food.3Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with linking pleasure while your eating, just make sure that it is real food and not virtual food and that is good for your body.

It’s difficult for many of us to resist the marketing gurus who embed subliminal messages and suggestions in our minds, using adverts that ignite the passion in our little ones and in us.

Hard core marketing hitting our mind and we don’t even realize its happening! In fact most of us use food outlets like ‘McDonald’s’ as a reward link for good behavior in our children, I guarantee you that 90% of all the kids of the 90’s and 20th Century know what McDonald’s is!



Socialized and hypnotized through conditioning that being overweight is “okay”

Most of us have been conditioned to believe it’s OK to eat canned foods and drink poisonous drinks because the ads tell us, we really have to get to the nuts and bolts and look and research what we put in us.

Our nose does one of the most important jobs, what are you going to smell from a packet or tin!

Food manufactures are even self policing their own labels with the amount of money involved it no wonder – how can something low fat have loads of sugar in it when it’s sold as low fat? But we take it in!

With billions to spend to make us buy more and get more addicted, mock tests in every area! It’s like being in the lion’s den and the lions are invisible! Dangerous place to be! At least you will be aware now even if you can’t do much about it.


80% of us are Watching a box, living in a box, waiting for a box!

They have 30 seconds (ad) and spend multi millions making you associate pleasure with something that is bad for you! They know your brain better than you! Think about this when you see ads on TV (Teli – lie – vision) I call it

Just to nail it home a bit more regarding the last paragraph here is what we are up against: Coke Cola have announced that they have a goal to double their global turnover in the next 10 years.

Really people, if you want the best fuel for your body give the best, research the best foods like super foods and take time to study them. We are what we eat and becoming a little wiser when it comes to what you eat on a regular basis is key.

Many people who start TheVital3 find that they start eating better foods and eat more often. Eating in more frequent periods can help lose weight, yes eat more and still lose weight!


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