Kangen Water

water.1Water will always be ‘TOP’ of the nutrition tree

Many of new people who use TheVital3 as part of the process educate themselves on WATER and the different types of water.

It is so vital to for our body get correct amount water, not only that but to get the best quality water your body needs be run on optimal level.


How much of our body mass and weight is in the form of water? 

The answer: its around 70% to 75% according to the medical professionals, which accredited reference you care to believe is totally your choice but it up two thirds of us for sure..

Every GP, Doctor, Consultant will tell you to drink at least 6 or 7 cups of water per day, how many people do you know who do that?  Two, three, four? I’ll bet its not many from ALL THE PEOPLE YOU KNOW

Your Mind Has It All, But You Can’t Live Without Water

Some the best waters are obviously from natural springs and because it’s never been tampered with so it’s perfect. Micro clustered (smaller molecule structure) which easily penetrates at cellular level, alkaline in nature (better pH) and some have anti oxidant properties. Famous springs all over the world have been measured for beneficial properties, all can be confirmed.

kangen70% of the world is water, so are we

Drink the correct water, its important that every cell gets a drink

If you dont have a spring nearby and who does these days! ! One of the things you can do is invest in an ionizer. A brilliant invention that makes normal tap water in high quality alkaline micro clustered water.

One of the best waters on the market is Kangen Water (Ionized water) It’s Micro- clustered Alkaline water which means it has smaller structure to penetrate every cell in your body.

Some Ionizers have the capability to produce water with Anti-oxidant properties also which helps slow the ageing process from oxidation. Click here to see Kangen Water

iphone.shab 184All who have invested in a machine have easily got monies worth and all have great things to say so if you would like to buy one please quote Kangen ID 4032281 when purchasing.

Ionized water is (smaller structure) so the water is wetter, thinner and smoother. Its also alkaline in nature and if you understand the importance in your bodies pH you know how vital that is. Being overweight is largely caused by being over acidic and this machine will help you.


sd501Enagic’s flagship Model SD 501

The SD 501 Model is recognized as one of the worlds best water Ionizer machines. The Enagic Kangen machine was originally A MEDICAL DEVICE and has attained many accredited awards as being one of the best of it kind.

See more on the company website or YouTube. Please click the image for more on Kangen water, the flagship model is 3300 euros split into 3 payments of 1100 euros, click the buy below to buy now.


All with 5 year guarantee.

When you order any machine Enagic it is hand built by one person from start to finish and then given a special ID number, bit like what Aston Martin do so creating an outstanding product.

jr11The JR11 Model

Just has the little brother of the SD 501 the JR11 is just a good at producing high quality Kangen water. The difference is the capacity in which the water is delivered, not has great as the SD501 but just has effective. The JR11 has 5 plates instead of 7 and it has no talking chip.

This machine is around £1600 ($2400)


The new ‘R’ Model

This is the latest machine from Enagic and has been launched to make Kangen more affordable at half the price of it big brother SD501 and the JR11. The ‘R’ Model Has all the same benefits of Kangen water and is just made to produce drinking water only.

The price of the ‘R’ Model £1100

Enagic have machines that have been in the market for over 20 years and still going strong so you can rest assured that you have the best – then again if you look after something why should it not last.

Bottle water is getting expensive and really it’s no where near as good for you as Ionized water.

But if you do drink a lot of bottle water it can add up. Work out how many plastic bottles of water you buy it will work out much more than a monthly payment. You will save at least £30 to£40 a month on bottle water forever and have the best water for your body.

Listen to audio explaining different benefits 

Click play to listen more about Kangen Water


Click play to listen to more about Micro Clustering


Click play here to listen more about alkaline nature



Having said all that if you can’t get a Kangen machine right now, boil tap water, cool it down (leave in room temperature) so the free radicals in the air get to it to soak up the chlorine, then just ad a slice of lemon or lime to make it alkaline.


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